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Hamas has rejected an Israeli proposal to bring Fatah forces to the Kerem Shalom Crossing with Gaza. And why should they accept such a proposal? The Jews at the crossing work very quickly, processing about 250 trucks daily. Their fellow Palestinians wouldn’t do as well.

Think of it: Gaza’s elected government shells Israel, engages in terrorim against her civilians—and dictates who controls the border crossings.

Many Jewish Americans have decried the insensitivity of Muslims who wished to build a cultural center near the 9/11 site. A not entirely dissimilar story unfolded in Litchfield, Connecticut, where a Chabad community decided to expand its synagogue in a historic district.

We may call the locals who opposed the construction anti-Semites. Certainly, they are not comfortable with Jewish symbolism in their midst. But their position is as natural as that of Americans who oppose a mosque near the 9/11 site, or the French who moved to ban burkas. People have a right to live in their own cultural habitat, and for Connecticut villagers that means not bumping into hassidim.

It is a commandment for every Jew to live in the Land of Israel except when the hardships are unbearable. Hassidim, if they are truly religious, must colonize Judea and Samaria rather than an American village.

September 2010
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