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The United Arab Emirates transferred $40 million to the PA to cover the salaries of its police forces. Saudi Arabia paid $30 million to Fatah this year. Iran transferred an estimated $50 million to Hamas.

Israel, the EU, and US paid the Palestinians ten times more.

So, who finances the Palestinian terrorist state?

Turkish voters overwhelmingly approved Erdogan’s constitutional amendments, which solidify the rule of Islamists and reduce the army’s independence, which has long been the foundation of Turkish secularism. Though the results are rigged—as always happens in Turkey—they are substantially indicative of popular sentiment. Although they are nicely democratic on the surface, the amendments remove secular safeguards from Turkey politics.

Those who counted on the Turks’ dissatisfaction with Erdogan’s rule and expected a comeback for the secularists were proved wrong. We have consistently written that Turkey’s Islamization is irreversible, and will continue until the rural population now streaming into the cities is urbanized—which will probably take two or three generations.

A similar process is happening in Iran, where the viable opposition competes with Ahmadinejad in anti-Israeli rhetoric. In fact, the most recent house arrest, that of opposition leader Karroubi, took place while he was heading to an anti-Israeli meeting.

Cordial relations between Netanyahu and Abbas predictably soured as the two sides interpreted their promises to Obama differently.

Their conflict boiled in Sharm el Sheikh until Clinton called off the press conference to avoid a public spat between Bibi and Abu Mazen.

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