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As often happens, Ben Gurion Airport employees launched a strike demanding new perks. Unwilling to just fire the troublesome staff and hire non-unionized workers, the government acceded to their demands. Indeed, what was the alternative, to keep the airport closed for days until the labor court could hear the suit?

Among the sheepishly obedient passengers, Breslav Hassidim were the only ones to find a solution. When the workers refused to unload their luggage, the jolly Hassidim simply rioted at the airport. They soon received their luggage and left the trade union’s turf.

In Nazareth, loyal Israeli Arabs unleashed a hail to stones on traffic police inspectors.

Those who think that we can put a stop to daily stone attacks by abandoning Arab territories might add the Galilee and Negev to their list.

New Year’s fireworks included ten Kassam missiles launched from Gaza at Jewish population centers.

Shaar haNegev residents have been lobbying the government to fortify more buildings. But the government, which is always able to find money to satisfy trade unions, Arabs, or the military-industrial complex, is out of money to protect Jews who live in the poor regions.

It is emblematic of the post-Zionist mindset that those residents clamor for protection instead of revenge.

September 2010
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