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After the shameful trial of Mordechai Rubashkin, an American court demanded $1 million bail from one Mordechai Orian, the Israeli owner of a recruiting company which brought scores of Thai workers to America.

Orian reportedly withheld the workers’ passports and threatened to deport them if they rejected his substandard terms of employment. Illegal, yes, but is it immoral? At any time, the workers were free to be deported home.

The court set the outrageous bail because it deemed Orian a flight risk as a Jew.

Recently, a German Central Bank member was fired after commenting negatively on European Muslims.

Now Angela Merkel is under attack for awarding a freedom of speech M100 prize to Danish cartoonist who drew Mohammed as a terrorist.

After years of resisting Histadrut’s racketeering, Israel’s umbrella organization of entrepreneurs agreed to increase social security payments to 17.5% of wages; only 5.5% will be paid by workers, the balance will be paid by their employers. The mammoth funds will line the coffers of Histadrut trade unions.

The pension payments are largely useless: when managed by government and trade unions, they decrease in value due to inflation; when invested in stock market, they are wiped out during crises.

While Jews undermine their competitive edge with new major taxes, Arabs engage in a black market economy. In the end, Arabs with zero social security accounts will receive pensions from the Israeli government. Jews will thus pay twice: they lose jobs to Arabs and subsidize their pensions.

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