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A mortar shell from Gaza landed in a schoolyard in Shaar haNegev, damaging one building. The attack came half an hour before the school buses arrived.

The government, which always finds money for municipal projects in Arab towns, had not reinforced the school building, only its roof.

Israel still supplies water, electricity, and fuel to Gaza as usual.

Fatah used the terrorist attacks against Israel as a pretext to arrest hundreds of Hamas supporters. Two of them were declared, without much proof, to have been the perpetrators.

Fatah refuses to extradite them to Israel for prosecution. That poses a legal question: if the PA is a legitimate country whose police prosecute its anti-Israeli terrorists, then Palestine as a whole is a proper target for Israeli reprisals. If, however, the PA is less than a state and cannot prevent terrorist attacks against Israel, then under the rules of occupation the terrorists must face prosecution in Israel.

In an interview with The Atlantic, Fidel lashed out against Ahmadinejad for denying the Holocaust.

When he first came to power, Castro was a great friend of Israel. Scores of Israeli consultants worked in Cuba on projects ranging from the agricultural to the military. As the US pressured Israel and the USSR pressured Cuba, our relations eventually soured. Castro expelled the Israeli consultants, though in the most mild way, expressing his personal unhappiness about the Soviet pressure. Since then, Castro has offered every assistance to the PLO and other terrorist groups, which have used Cuba to infiltrate Latin American countries.

Now Fidel can afford a return to sane relations with Jews.

Employing the defeatist rhetoric typical of Jewish leaders, Netanyahu spoke about “historic compromises” that would pave the way for Israeli-Palestinian peace. As if we do not have a de facto peace with Palestine, anyway.

Typically of Arab leaders who are certain about their right to the land, Abbas rejected any compromises on the Temple Mount and borders.

It follows that any compromises will be again one-sided: Jews compromise, Arabs do not. And whatever agreement the Arabs are willing to grant us would be temporary: they refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state specifically because their plan is to inundate it with Muslims, by demographic means and through the right of return.

Egypt’s FM voiced opposition to recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, ostensibly out of fear for the rights of Israeli Arabs. Never mind that Egypt, like every other Middle Eastern country, is officially called an “Arab” state.

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