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MK Tzipi Hotovely, usually a sensible person, has come up with the silly idea of one state for two peoples (that is, treating Palestinian Arabs as a nation on par with Jews).

True, we’ve been advocating a superficially similar idea, but with a critical difference: the government of the nominally binational state would take every measure to push out the Arabs. Budgetary allocations to communities must end; spend locally whatever taxes you collect. That would end municipal subsidies to Arabs. National insurance must be privatized, thus denying government subsidies to Arab families. Arabs must be taxed equally with Jews and serve in the army against other Arabs, or do hard labor for three years. The minimum wage must be abolished to stop Jewish consumers’ subsidies to Arabs.

Hotovely’s plan is nonsensical. She imagines Israel annexing the West Bank, but not Gaza. What Palestinian would agree to that? She imagines giving citizenship to the West Bank Arabs: what are we do to when the next Knesset comprises 35% pro-PLO MKs?

The Left touts a two-state solution as a way to preserve a Jewish super-majority in Israel, where Arabs already constitute 34% of young people. For Hotovely, nominal Jewish control over Judea and Samaria is more important than the state’s Jewish super-majority.

According to the Brandeis University poll, just 33% of American Jews feel “strongly connected” to Israel. The figure is still lower among younger age groups.

Commenting on the Marmara incident, only 46% of Jews surveyed agreed with the Israeli view.

Some things, once lost, are lost.

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