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That’s how Mitchell described the meeting between Netanyahu and Abbas in Washington. And he must be right.

Three cousins, the Russian tsar, the German kaiser, and the British king exchanged pleasant letters while their subjects slaughtered each other on WWI battlefields. Shabak maintained Arafat’s accounts in Israel during the Intifada. It should come as no surprise that Netanyahu enjoys talking to Abbas while Palestinian terrorists murder Jews.

The talks will come to nothing: Israel and the Arabs have undertaken to prepare a framework peace agreement within the next few months. This will prove to be impossible because Netanyahu cannot sell withdrawal from the Temple Mount and the dismantling of dozens of Jewish villages to Israelis, and Abbas cannot accept anything less, nor can he forfeit the right of return.

Four Israeli Arab citizens from the Galilee have been convicted of planning attacks on Jews and planning to kidnap Israeli soldiers during the Gaza war.

In response to the terrorist attacks, the Council of Settlements declared that it would ignore the settlement freeze. The Council’s chairman said that, “Construction is a natural response to violence.”

Oh yeah? We thought revenge was the natural response to violence, at least in our copy of the Torah.

No sane person would believe that the Council, funded by the government, would defy the government-imposed construction freeze. The announcement is meant to channel the settlers’ reaction to terrorist attacks into a harmless activity. It also aims to defuse the issue of ending the construction freeze by demonstrating the government’s tolerance for small-scale unauthorized construction.

Another ‘peace process’ terrorist attack has gone almost unnoticed: a Jewish girl of twelve was hit by rocks when the car she was riding in was ambushed near Tapuach junction. No substantial security precautions are being taken in that area, a common site of terrorist atacks.

Thanks to Israel’s excellent medicine, fewer than one terror victim out of sixty dies. Many of them remain permanently crippled or suffer serious psychological damage. But tens of thousands of them are lost in media reporting.

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