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Disregarding a clear and credible warning of imminent terror attacks, Netanyahu continued his friendly peace talk in Washington. Sure enough, a second terrorist attack occurred: a car was ambushed near Rimonim junction. Two Jews were wounded, their car riddled with bullets.

Hamas’ military wing claimed responsibility for the attack. Nevertheless, Israel did not interrupt cargo transit or the electricity supply to Hamas-ruled Gaza. Unwilling to jeopardize its relations with Obama, the government refuses to declare a state of war with the enclave.

Obama condemned the terrorist attacks as senseless bloodshed. Presumably, attacks on civilians would have been more justifiable and sensible.
Netanyahu called on settlers to show restraint, which infamously has been Jewish policy since the Arab pogroms of 1930s. It is a policy under which Jews busy themselves with burying their dead rather than preventing future deaths. Shabak, the Israeli security service, has vowed to intensify its operations against Jewish right-wing groups lest they retaliate against Muslims.

One thing is fishy, though. Why would Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran go hysterical over another hopeless round of peace talks? Hamas seriously jeopardizes its currently near-free traffic of arms and cargo. Hezbollah prepares for an all-put war with Israel, a conflict into which Syria might well be drawn. There was nothing like fervor this during Annapolis. It seems that the real issue being discussed in Washington has more to do with attacking Iran than making peace with Palestine.

One of the victims of the Rimonim terrorist attack had his gun permit revoked last year for participating in a right-wing demonstration. Unarmed, he could not defend himself against the Arabs who were shooting at his car. He was a sitting duck.

The government has taken guns away from many, possibly a majority of Jewish villagers in Judea and Samaria, leaving them to travel unarmed. The roads have been opened to Palestinian traffic to boot. Disarming the pioneers is a prerequisite to eventually expelling them, or allowing Arabs to drive them out.

The Interior Minister has vowed to relax gun-ownership rules, but the government’s need to disarm the settlers is so deep-seated that a positive change should not be expected.

After the terrorist attack near Hebron, settlers began work on a sports center in the village of Adam.

This is a traditional response to terrorism: hundreds of houses and outposts are built in Judea and Samaria to commemorate the terror victims. Never mind that the government always destroys them.

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