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Netanyahu’s acquiescence to Obama’s pressure has borne some fruit—in blood. Hamas and other Palestinian groups have vowed to carry out major terrorist attacks to subvert the peace talks, which are futile in any case.

Shin Bet security service is great at intercepting Fatah terrorists, who are usually delivered by their own superiors who do not want to disrupt their dealings with Israel. Our capability at intercepting Hamas, PFLP, PRC, and other terrorists is considerably less. It can therefore be expected that a terrorist act will occur.

Nevertheless, Netanyahu went to Washington, implicitly setting the trigger on Hamas’ promise of terrorist attacks. Worse, the government balked at imposing a curfew on the Arabs in Judea and Samaria, a standard procedure when major unrest is expected. Clearly, Netanyahu did not want to appear impolite to his talk-partner Abbas.

And so a car with four Jews was ambushed near Hebron. Two men and two women were murdered, one of them visibly pregnant. After wounding them, the Muslims shot them in the head from point-blank range.

Responding to a deadly terrorist attack, Barak promised that the IDF will find the perpetrators and bring them to justice. How wrong.

The perpetrators have to be killed, certainly, but they are not the real target. Israel is acting like a dog who bites the stick used to beat it. Rather, we must go after the stick’s owner.

The perpetrators were lowly operatives, mere tools in the hands of a Palestinian organization. Punishing them alone won’t establish justice. But the government lacks the guts to go after Hamas and PRC leaders.

Responding to the terrorist attack, Abbas criticized “all acts that target civilians.” The Fatah thug means that it is okay for Palestinians to target Israeli soldiers, though international law classifies such actions as terrorism.

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