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Libyans proudly admitted that Israel had released a few low-end Palestinian terrorists in exchange for an Israeli photographer who had been jailed in Libya on false charges.

The UN remains unconcerned that one of its member-states is engaged in an official policy of hostage-taking.

Elias Abuelazam, whose murder spree made headlines in the United States, is said to be an Israeli.

He is actually an Arab from Ramle.

Hundreds of leftist nuts demonstrated in Tel Aviv against the deportation of illegal immigrants who happen to beget children in our country. Ironically, as immigrants with children are making headlines, those without children quietly continue to work with expired visas.

Swarmed by Africans, Tel Aviv old central bus station is still the nation’s crime capital. South Tel Aviv is slowly becoming too dangerous a place for Jews to go because of the Africans, and Eilat’s population is 30% African.

Meanwhile, would-be immigrants recently engaged in a gun battle with Bedouins in Sinai over trafficking fees.