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Libya released Israeli citizen and alleged spy Rafael Haddad in return for Israel delivering some humanitarian aid to Gaza and some secret concessions.

Haddad’s release was negotiated with the Libyans by Martin Shlaff and undisclosed Eastern European Jewish oligarchs—who, it transpires, maintain cozy relations with one of our fiercest enemies.

UPDATE: Israeli government published details on the humanitarian help allowed into Gaza. In return for a single ultra-leftist, Haddad, Israel allowed into Gaza enough cement to build 1,250 housing units. Hamas will use the cement to build bunkers – an outcome the government had stressed for three years as a reason for our blockade of Gaza.

Israel also allowed UNRWA to accept $50 million from Libya to, allegedly, build those 1,250 housing units, or $40,000 per unit. That’s a lie because a typical apartment in Gaza costs ten times less. In essence, the government allowed Libya to subsidize Hamas.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense issued a tender for Namer APC’s based on the Merkava tank. The tender is for US companies only, which is a condition of American military aid to Israel.

The Israeli army does not need most of the American foreign aid it receives, and strives continuously to find a way to utilize it, even to the point of purchasing chocolates in the United States. The aid is a must for the Israeli establishment, which uses it to explain its submissiveness to the US administration.

After Israel returned the Mavi Marmara ship to Turkey, its owner, a terrorist-affiliated IHH group, announced that Jews had sealed and painted many bullet-holes, which testify to wild shooting on board.

That’s what we expected.