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A Zogby poll of Arab countries found that while 61% of Arabs deplore America’s involvement with Israel, only 4% express a similar attitude toward the American presence in Afghanistan.

This correlates with our analysis that Afghanis have no support in the Arab or Muslim world. Arabs oppose Israel for purely nationalist reasons, which should be evident from the fact that so many terrorists are secular.

Faced with low demand for the $200 rotavirus vaccine, the government mandated its inclusion in insurance programs. Now the massively overpriced vaccination will be effectively forced on children.

Rotavirus causes easily treatable diarrhea in children, with practically no lethal cases. The chances of complications from vaccination vastly exceed any danger posed by the diarrhea itself.

After the swine flu hysteria, several European WHO officials were charged with fraud after they spread scary rumors to boost the profits of pharmaceutical companies.

Reacting to the news of missile sales to Iran, the Belorussian government responded that it had not even received a request for S-300 from Iran, and that the story is fabricated.

It is certain, however, that there were numerous such requests from Iran.