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Israeli police razed several ‘illegal’ shacks and a synagogue near Hebron. Jewish pioneers were given just a ten-minute notice of eviction. Four Jewish families have been made homeless.

A day ago, the government razed a similarly unauthorized Bedouin settlement in Negev.

These things are only happen with Jews and somewhat loyal Bedouins. Illegal Arab structures are almost never demolished.

Iran has reportedly procured four missiles for its S-300 battery. Not a big deal, but two of those missiles came from Belarus, a communist-era remnant of the USSR. Rumors have it that Belarus tried to ship two early-version S-300 batteries to Iran.

Nothing happens in Belarus without its ruler’s approval. If he agreed to a major diplomatic confrontation with the West over the sale of missiles, he would have no problem selling Iran S-300 batteries, as well. There seems to be little reason for him to provoke an international scandal for the very little money he would make from selling just two missiles.

So we may expect more revelations.

A dozen landlords and real estate agents signed a petition heeding the rabbis’ call to stop renting apartments in South Tel Aviv to African infiltrators, who turn the areas into criminal neighborhoods.

NGOs, manned by comfortable residents of expensive North Tel Aviv, decried the ‘racist’ Jews who simply do not condone criminals.