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US Senators Wyden and Gray, among others, sent a letter to the Israeli Ambassador criticizing the proposed conversion bill. It is yet to be explained what atheist foreigners have to do with this essential religious process.

Faced with rampant assimilation, American Jewish barons found a solution in fake conversions—which with fake Reform ‘rabbis’ are as fast as declaring ‘Allah akbar!’

Responding to the Obama-Netanyahu agreement to hold fake peace talks, Abbas has refused to participate unless the talks start where Olmert left them.

Abbas can hardly expect Netanyahu to be more generous than Olmert, so his condition amounts to refusing the talks.

It is interesting to see a minuscule Arab leader whose people fully depend on the US for their livelihood rejecting Obama’s overtures—something that his Jewish counterparts are afraid to do.

The Secretary of State condemned yesterday’s attack on a mosque in Iran by Jundallah terrorists.

The problem is, Jundallah and its predecessor groups have been engaged in terrorism for some forty years. It is an open secret, and must therefore be no surprise to Clinton. Both Israel and the United States heavily support Jundallah as the major militant opposition group in Iran.

The Attorney General ordered police to prepare contempt charges against a religious Tzofar website which wrote obscenely about a Supreme Court judge after the Emanuel school ruling.