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Israeli media dutifully gathered for a press conference in Ramallah to air the views of the Fatah chieftain. Abbas has apparently accepted Olmert’s peace offer, which would allow Israel to keep the settlement blocs in exchange for an equal amount of land in Central Israel.

The only point of contention is that Olmert, in a last attempt to preserve a modicum of self-respect, agreed to abandon the Temple Mount to an international consortium in which Muslims would have three votes (Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia), Christians one vote (the United States), and Jews one. The arrangement would have assured Muslims of de facto sovereignty but, being more honest than Olmert, they demanded de jure sovereignty.

In response to rocket attacks from Gaza that damaged a factory in the Negev, IAF bombed a tunnel intended for the transportation of terrorists into Israel.

If such tunnel was known to exist, why wait for a rocket attack to destroy it? If, as is more likely, the tunnel is just an abandoned construction site, would the army please stop lying to us?

The 30,000-tons-a-week aid to Gaza continues unabated.

The Israeli FM publicly vented his disdain for the PM’s decision to send Trade Minister Ben Eliezer for a secret meeting with the Turkish FM.  Netanyahu is certainly right on this: Lieberman can hardly mend ties with anyone.

Ben Eliezer did not help, either: the meeting bore no fruit.

News of a secret meeting between the Israeli and Turkish ministers was leaked to the press immediately.