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The US Senate approved a new round of unilateral sanctions against Iran which target American companies doing business with ayatollahs. It is a peculiar perversity of modern political weaklings: unable to punish an enemy, they punish their own people.

What is the point of restricting American companies from working with Iran? Russians, Chinese, and Indians will quickly step in to reap the increased profits.

Having lifted the blockade, Israeli government announced an increase of 200% in the number of trucks to Gaza. From the current level of 10,000 tons per week, that brings the cargo traffic to some 130,000 tons per month, or about 3kgs per Gazan per day.

After the Israeli government lifted the Gaza blockade for civilian goods, Turkey demanded full abrogation of the blockade. Which means, clearly, that Turkey wants Hamas to be able to receive weapons, whose only target is Israel.