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According to the Sunday Times, Israel will deploy three nuclear-capable submarines for permanent positioning in the Persian Gulf.

That can only mean that Netanyahu has abandoned any plans to strike Iran, and has turned instead to a deterrence policy.

The deterrence would be fake. In the small Persian Gulf, Iran would have no trouble locating and destroying Israeli submarines. The type of nuclear-armed cruise missiles that can be deployed on submarines are not very effective: they detonate at too low an altitude. Iran has sufficient means, including TOR-1M and Chinese S-300 batteries, to intercept low-flying cruise missiles. Most importantly, the ayatollahs might not mind exchanging Tehran for Tel Aviv in a series of nuclear explosions.

Led by the mob of Arab states, the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty conference denounced the Israeli nuclear program. The resolution does not even mention Iranian nuclear activities.

A year ago, the Arabs would have been happy to aid Israel and the US in bombing Iranian nuclear facilities. Today, they side with the winner.

In preparation for his upcoming visit to the White House, Abbas reiterated that the PA negotiates with the United States rather than Israel. That raises a question: why does Israel subsidize the PA, which refuses to talk to us?

Abbas’ fellow terrorist Mashaal is also eager to join the peace talks. He called Israel, ‘an obstacle to peace.’ And he is rightódismantling Israel is the only way to achieve lasting peace between Jews and Arabs.

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