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Syrian dictator Assad said in an interview that Iran supports indirect peace talks between Syria and Israel.

When Iran, which has promised to wipe Israel off the map, supports peace talks between us and Syria, there must be something very wrong about that peace.

The Obama administration allowed Jewish media enough time to salivate over his unusually polite invitation to Netanyahu—and then issued a similar invitation to Abbas. The PLO chieftain will visit the White House shortly after Netanyahu.

In the wake of the scandal over the opening of Route 443 to enemy traffic, the IDF revealed that it has spent $40 million to build roads for the Palestinians.

No Jews are allowed on those roads, which connect Arab villages to Ramallah.

This is how Israeli ‘apartheid’ works: Jews pay for Palestinian-only roads and for Israeli roads which the Palestinians use freely.

Israeli officials compete in lambasting the Palestinian decision to boycott goods from Israeli settlements.

Well, the Palestinians have a right to resist what they see as occupation—and indeed, what the Israeli government and media call occupation.

The economic effect of a boycott would be negligible. If the Israeli government had really wanted to press the PA to stop the boycott, it could have done so easily: just cancel permits for all those Palestinians who work in the settlements.

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