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Pro-Palestinian activists who sailed from Cyprus to Gaza in an effort to break the Israeli blockade scored a major victory: the government offered to allow them to unload their cargo in Ashdod for a subsequent check and transfer by road to Gaza. In this way, Israel has recognized the legitimacy of hostile maritime operations. Next thing, the activists can charter large ships instead of boats and send any amount of cargo to Gaza.

On other hand, the blockade is a fiction, anyway. Israel supplies the enemy’s territory with free water and electricity, and allows for the transfer of hundred of thousands of tons of goods. Weapons? Hamas continues to get them through the tunnels unimpeded.

The family of Makhoul, an Arab activist accused of spying for Hezbollah, has accused the Shabak security service of torturing him. Shabak went to some length to disprove the allegations.

Sure enough, Makhoul did not pass any significant information to Hezbollah. Like his fellow Arab activists, however, he clearly works to destroy the Jewish state. So why should we not torture people who would gladly kill us at the first opportunity?

Right-wing activist Ben Gvir was detained in Jerusalem when he shouted “Hater of Israel!” at Rahm Emanuel.

Arab MKs were about the only ones who voted against the Shalit bill in its first reading. The bill, astonishingly, would somewhat restrict family visits to jailed Hamas terrorists, and deny them satellite TV and free education. If there were a Nobel prize for national madness, Jews would win it every year.

And why single out Hamas terrorists? Shalit was kidnapped by common Palestinian criminals of the Dughmush family, with help from the PRC.

And why should the terrorists who actually murdered or tried to murder Jews be allowed better conditions than kidnappers? Madness, Jewish madness.

May 2010
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