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The infamous ex-justice of the Supreme Court Shamgar, now a leading advocate for fake Jews from Ethiopia, arranged for the Knesset State Control Committee’s demand that the government stop sabotaging the “rescue” of some 8,000 blacks posing as Jews from Gondar, Ethiopia. In fact, more than a thousand of them entered Israel last year, in addition to the tens of thousands who were already here.

Amid much criticism, we would reiterate our position:

Anyone with a cross tattooed on his forehead is not a Jew.
Speaking the Geez language means nothing: the Ethiopian Christian Church also uses it for liturgy.
Falashas read the Torah, true, but they also read the non-canonical books of Ethiopian Christianity.
Falashas practice circumcision, true, but they also practice female excision.
Falashas have monks—a typical Christian habit. In Judaism, permanent nazirites are expressly forbidden.
If anything, Falasha beliefs resemble monastic Christianity, with an emphasis on purity. Fundamentalist quasi-Judaic leanings are typical of the Ethiopian Church.
The Falashas’ opposition to the Church rests on their tribal opposition to the state, whose backbone is the Church.
The Falashas have never tried to establish contact with nearby Yemeni Jews.
Rabbinical confirmations of the Falashas’ Jewishness are completely baseless. What conceivable basis could there be for pronouncing them the descendants of the Dan tribe or King Solomon? The diversity of their origin myths shows their falsity.

Rivlin derailed the proposed Knesset rule which would have stripped Arab MKs who visit enemy states of their immunity, arguing that the precedent of “trial by the Knesset” could be turned against the very right-wingers who proposed the legislation.

Rivlin added that such things have happened in the past, by which he could only mean the blocking of Meir Kahane from the Knesset. This is the first high-level confirmation yet that the state erred in persecuting the maverick right-wing rabbi.

As the years pass, Rabbi Kahane will enter the Israeli pantheon just like Avraham Stern, Yitzhak Shamir, and Menahem Begin.

After sending Emanuel and Ross to appease the subservient rabbis, Obama continued trying to placate his Jewish voters by inviting Bibi to the White House. Obama even threw in a military leak: the Pentagon authorized recon flights over Iran. Some would think that implies an imminent attack. But no, the order also speaks of establishing contacts with Iranian dissidents, Obama’s new long-term tactic to waste time with Iran.

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