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The Jerusalem Post revealed in passing something that ought to be a major scandal.

Back in 2008, Livni failed to create a government coalition to replace Olmert. She claimed at that time that she refused to give in to haredi blackmail: religious parties wanted extra funding for their constituencies.

Apparently, it was merely a misunderstanding. Livni had offered the haredim a huge increase in budget allocations over what they got under Olmert’s government. The amount was so huge that the haredim thought it would be their total budget rather than an additional amount, and they refused.

An Israeli diplomat has been declared persona non grata in Australia over Israel’s use of forged Australian passports in the Mabhouh assassination.

The Australian intelligence service uses forged passports, just like every other intelligence service in the world.

Israel irritated the Australians because Mossad violated an implicit agreement whereby the Jews won’t be forging Australian passports for controversial operations, which certainly include high-profile assassinations.

Iran has agreed to exchange 1,200 kgs of low-enriched uranium for rods, provided that the exchange takes place in Turkey and that the UNSC imposes no further demands.

What nonsense. The 1,200 kgs was the lowest estimate of Iranian nuclear stocks in October 2009. It did not account for shipments from North Korea and stocks returning from Syria.

Since then, Iran has enriched at least 700 kgs more, and it does not intend to stop the centrifuges after the exchange. Thus, despite the exchange, Iran will soon have enough low-enriched uranium to produce the bomb.

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