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The PA’s Minister of Terrorist Prisoner Affairs duly condemned the proposed Israeli legislation which would make prison conditions for Hamas members less cozy.

The minister, a member of peace-loving Fatah who receives his salary from Israeli tax transfers, would be expected to be less sympathetic to Hamas.

The UN Human Rights Council, comprised of the world’s most brutal dictatorships with horrendous prison conditions, also prepares to condemn Israel over the new legislation.

The Guardian published a story of Israel agreeing to sell nuclear warheads to South Africa in 1975. Though Shimon Peres weaselly denied the report, the affair is in fact well-known and true.

So yes, we offered to sell a few nuclear warheads to our close ally, so what? And it was not exactly a sale: South Africa took part in Israeli nuclear program. Likewise, Pakistan delivered several nuclear kits to Saudi Arabia in return for funding Pakistani nuclear program. Pakistan requested North Korean nuclear assistance to Iran in return for revealing Pakistani nuclear technologies to the communists. This kind of nuclear cooperation is common.

And moreover, Israel offered nuclear assistance to the Shah of Iran, though Peres kept saying later that we intended to cheat the Shah like we cheated him on conventional weapons: receiving huge advance payments and delaying the deliveries forever.

Israeli cooperation with the apartheid South Africa was relatively small. Arab and African states, the first to condemn the apartheid regime, accounted for the bulk of South African trade. Western countries supplied South Africa with weapons.

We need not be ashamed of our friends, especially when they are replaced with the black terrorists of Nelson Mandela’s ilk, enemies of Israel and the friends of our Arab enemies.

As a gesture to Mitchell, Netanyahu’s government agreed to remove 60 roadblocks which successfully intercepted Palestinian terrorists.

The move will facilitate travel for Palestinian ‘businessmen’ – not your typical suit-clad crowd, but common villagers indistinguishable from terrorists.

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