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In talks with Mitchell, Abbas agreed to a 4% land swap with Israel. About 7% is needed to preserve the settlement blocs.

The Arabs insist on a 1:1 swap of equally valuable land. The funny thing is that the land Israel took for the settlements was empty, arid, and worthless. It was only through Jewish work that the land on which the settlements were built became pricey. Now the Arabs want equally good land in exchange. That is like a landlord increasing the rent because a long-term tenant renovated his apartment, making it more valuable.

The difference between the Israeli and Palestinian positions on land swap runs from 0.4% to 3%, according to various estimates. After holding on to Judea and Samaria for 43 years, Jews are left without significant gains.

The Torah tells us that non-Jewish natives can only stay in the Land of Israel by paying tribute and accepting servitude. In our time, that relationship has been reversed.

Under the orders from the High Court (the lowest that any Jew can get), the army is opening Route 443 (which runs from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv) to Palestinians. To clarify: the route has been closed to foreigners, but Israeli Arabs will now be allowed to use it just like Jews. Why should Jews pay for roads used by our sworn enemies?

The road was closed after a string of terrorist attacks. Perhaps the security situation is better today, but numerous Fatah officials are calling for a resumption of armed resistance against Israel.

Jerusalem police detained, but immediately released a group of drunken US Consulate employees who assaulted two Jewish kids near a pub.

After more than a year of deliberations, the government debated again whether to send to the Knesset a law which would worsen jail conditions for Hamas prisoners.

Currently, Hamas prisoners enjoy satellite TV channels, cell phones, and even cash allowances. The government will not even consider worsening the resort-like conditions in Israeli jails for terrorists from the friendly Fatah.

No law is needed: it is completely within the power of government to make the lives of terrorist prisoners a hell. The law allows for the execution of terrorists, but they are always sentenced to comfortable lives in Israeli jails.

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