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From the Linkolnwood address, May 3, 1990

The day after those soldiers were captured, Israel should have gone in and captured 100 Arabs, put them in cells 6 by 6 feet, and said, ‘”They stay there until our guys are free.”

The Russians know how to deal with them. A couple of years ago the terrorists (in Lebanon) made the mistake of kidnapping a Russian. The Russians got Arabs to find the brother of the guy who kidnapped him and they sent him his body in pieces. And the Russian was freed the next day.

I mean that nice people here think, That is terrible. But thatís the world in which we live. Thatís what they know. Someday it will be a nice place in the world, but until then we live in this present world and there are three Jews who are suffering now for years and years. And you cannot be nice, not when youíre not the person who is suffering. Donít be nice at the expense of the other fellow whoís suffering. How easy it is to be nice if you donít feel the pain. You have to feel the pain of every other Jew and do whatever is necessary to help the Jew. Thereís nothing not allowed to be done to save a Jew.

On the radio today someone said, ‘Would you do this?’ Of course, I would. Anything to save the Jew, thatís it. I want to finish with this. My son served in the army during the war in Lebanon, you know I have two sons. They received orders that if a PLO position was in a village they were not allowed to give fire cover to the infantry because they might kill civilians. Do you know how many Jewish soldiers died because of that criminal order?

All the Arabs of Lebanon are not worth the life of one Jewish soldier. People think that this is racist, I couldnít care less.

Two terrorists from Palestinian Islamic Jihad scaled the Israeli-Gaza wall to try to kill a few Jews. IDF intercepted and killed the Arabs.

In hundreds of cases, Arabs have successfully breached the separation barrier. Why then do we continue this madly expensive, largely useless construction project in Sinai and the West Bank?

After two terrorists from Gaza crossed into Israel, IAF bombed three tunnels.

Decades ago, IAF used to bomb Arab cities and army bases in response to terrorism; today it bombs tunnels, and only after ensuring that no Arabs are in there.

If the tunnels are a threat, why wait for a terrorist attack to bomb them?

Though Netanyahu’s failure vis-a-vis Abbas and Obama is plain for everyone to see, Bibi has again lied to the Israeli public. After his meeting with Mitchell, the PM’s office issued a statement that the two discussed Israeli-Palestinian water issues.

Oh really? The Israel PM discussed with Obama’s envoy how the Arabs steal water from our pipes? Surely, as Abbas says, the talks focused on final-status borders.

Netanyahu’s three-hour meeting with Mitchell, who is only a minor official in the Obama administration, contrasts markedly with the cold shoulder Obama gave Netanyahu. But it is too much to ask Israeli leaders for self-respect.

The defeatist Israeli media glorify THE recent UNSC sanctions on Iran because, allegedly, they will block the sale of S-300 to Iran.

It is staggering that journalists and their analysts so misunderstand international politics: Russia would have never agreed to such restrictions on their arms sales, they use the threat supplying S-300s to Iran as leverage against the US and Israel.

The sanctions vaguely prohibit missile transfers to Iran. Russians can always argue that the language suggests surface-to-surface rather than surface-to-air missiles.

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