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The UK’s newly formed coalition government has placed Israel on its agenda: the Brits will push for ‘peace in the Middle East,’ a respectable euphemism for crowding Jews into Auschwitz borders.

To sweeten the pill, the program calls for a “secure and universally recognized Israel,” though Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah-dominated Lebanon cannot be expected to recognize the Jewish state anytime soon.

It is a pleasure to see the UK, which so recently fought in Belize and the Falklands over its imperial ambitions, so concerned about the human rights of Arabs.

The proximity talks may be futile, but so far Obama has outmaneuvered Netanyahu. The State Department declared Israel a perennial friend, Obama met with Barak repeatedly and dined with Wiesel, and the administration’s kapos encouraged Jewish leaders. Now the Jews love the Hussein again.

Netanyahu promised Mitchell that he would dismantle still more roadblocks, transfer authority in more towns to Fatah thugs, and release large numbers of terrorists arrested by teenage Jewish soldiers at great risk to themselves. These must be the strangest negotiations in history, with the stronger side giving way continually and the weaker Palestinians offering no concessions whatsoever.

Obama has staked too much on Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Having been defeated in Afghanistan and Iraq, he seeks victory against the Jews. The State Department has threatened reprisals against whichever party breaks the talks by staging provocations. Daily terror attempts, evidenced by the continual arrests of Fatah terrorists, are not a provocation, of course.

Israel’s relationship with the United States is the worst it has ever been. And it seems increasingly that Netanyahu has given in to Obama not only on the Palestinians, but also on Iran. After every meeting with Obama, Bibi looks shell-shocked, and Iran’s nuclearization will devastate him completely, making him open to any concessions to the Arabs.

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