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Turkey and Brazil have announced an upcoming deal with Iran to export the ayatollahs’ nuclear stocks in exchange for uranium rods. The details have not been announced, but Iran insists on processing the uranium into rods in Turkey or Brazil. This would turn the exchange into an instrument of nuclear proliferation, allowing Brazil to revive its dormant nuclear program and spark a nuclear arms race on the American continent.

There is no way the ayatollahs will end their enrichment program. Even if the first exchange deal goes through, they will continue enriching uranium. No further deals will be possible because Iran does not need that many rods for its laboratory reactor.

An exchange deal would enable Iran to acquire rods—which can be reprocessed into plutonium—and buy its Weapon Group enough time to overcome its current difficulties in mounting the uranium sphere into a warhead.

A few days ago the Obama administration agreed to finance Israel’s Iron Dome SAM battery—which only makes sense if both countries expect the rocket attacks from Gaza to continue for years to come.

In Israel, police battled haredi demonstrators who were protesting the relocation of graves in Ashkelon to make room for the underground facility of Barzilai Hospital. The facility only makes sense if the government expects Grad rockets from Gaza three years from now.

The Interior Ministry is urgently reconsidering its refusal to allow Noam Chomsky into the West bank to speak at Bir Zeit Unversity, a hotbed of Palestinian radicalism. Chomsky’s speech is certain to inflame anti-Israeli feelings and recruit a few more terrorists for Fatah and Hamas.

If Hitler were alive, he would be allowed to speak in Israel in the name of free speech.

This year, Israeli Arabs commemorated their ‘catastrophe,’ their failure to drown all Jews in the sea in 1948, on Shabbat.

Jews failed to heed the Torah’s injunction to destroy the enemy presence in the Promised Land, and the enemy mobs demonstrated against us on our holy day.

What normal people subsidizes its enemies, as the Israeli government does the Arabs?

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