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Hussein Obama has led Ehud Barak to proclaim that the US-Israeli crisis is over, but not by softening his pro-Muslim stance.

Rather, Israel merely received more US funds for useless military gadgets, including an additional $205 mil for the Iron Dome, which will never work.

After leaders of major Jewish organizations started slamming Obama for his anti-Israeli policies, the Hussein’s administration set out to convince Jews that national suicide is good for them.

In a meeting with a group of hand-picked American rabbis, Dennis Ross alleged that Obama’s nuclear-free Middle East policy was approved by Israel, and that it is in fact a continuation of what has been US policy for the last 15 years.

Not really. Israel has only supported a nuclear-free Middle East on the assumption that her own nuclear arsenals would remain unacknowledged and intact. “Nuclear-free Middle East” was an euphemism for denying nuclear arms to Muslim regimes.

Ross falsely assured the rabbis that Obama’s administration would provide Israel with all necessary military equipment.

Ross and Emanuel insisted that Obama’s administration has only erred about Israel in tone, not in substance, and claimed that their tone has changed in recent months. Like in this incident, presumably.

National Left, together with other defeatist groups, staged a 2,000-strong rally in Jerusalem. The leftists called for unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank to create “a Jewish state in recognized borders.”

Huh? What kind of a Jewish state would grossly violate Jewish religious rules and have a one-third Arab population? Unilateral Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank won’t create “recognized borders,” and indeed Iran, our archenemy, recognizes no borders at all.

Four Bedouin firebombers have been arrested for plotting and carrying out firebombing attacks on Jewish cars in the Negev.

Bedouins, the conventional wisdom goes, are loyal to Israel.

IDF Military Prosecution is deluged with a thousand complaints filed by the Arabs and their Jewish supporters against Israeli soldiers every year.

Israel seems like the only country which does not recognize the failure of the Trotskyist “neither war, nor peace” approach to belligerent situations.

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