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Balad Party activist Omar Abdo and Ameer Mahoul, the head of an umbrella group of Arab NGOs, have been arrested for spying for Hezbollah.

Their relatives claim unfair prosecution. And they are right: it is only fair for Israeli Arabs to spy on their country.

Barkat promises continued construction in the southern and eastern sections of Jerusalemódespite a de facto freeze in municipal planning (which has been formally abandoned) and Netanyahu’s commitment to Hussein Obama.

Unable to prove that the militant Yitzhar pioneers participated in reprisal raids against Arabs, the Israeli Civil Administration has issued a demolition order against their yeshiva.

The religious school has stood there, on Jewish land, for 11 years. Technically, the construction violated zoning restrictions for agricultural land, but such violations are very common in both Jewish and Arab villages.

Israel seems to be the only country to demolish a Jewish religious school in the past seventy years.

Border authorities in St.Petersburg, Russia barred an Israeli Arkia plane from leaving the airport with Israeli tourists on board because they did not have Russian visas. Never mind that Israel and Russia have had a visa-free regime for a year.

Diplomatic efforts bore no fruit, and the Russian Transaero flight was grounded in Israel’s Ben Gurion airport. At that point, the Russians agreed to exchange the aircraft.

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