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Mekorot, Israel’s water monopoly, has demanded that the government increase water prices by 40% to compensate it for connecting desalination plants to its pipe network. Yet in the same statement, Mekorot said that the cost (which has certainly been inflated) would be just $500 mil. A 40% price hike would allow Mekorot to cover these costs in a year.

The real solution to Israel’s water crisis lies in a different sphere. Instead of feeding the people unhealthy and ultra-expensive desalinated water, the government must end the near-free water supply to farms and crack down on the massive theft of water by Arabs who almost never pay for their consumption.

IMF, along with a number of major national banks, has agreed to join in a trillion-dollar package to defend the overpriced euro against speculators.

The Americans who rightly decry their government’s $2 billion-a-year aid to Israel should start questioning their administration over the hundredfold greater aid given to the EU. A financial meltdown in the euro zone would have greatly improved the US economy as international transactions moved from the euro back to dollars. The very existence of the euro undercuts America’s most profitable export—bank notes.

Yet the US administration decided to support foreign governments contrary to America’s national interest.

Evil Zionists arrested three Palestinian kids at an obscure Bekaot checkpoint in the ‘occupied territories’ near the ancient Jewish city of Schem.

The kids carried their meager possessions in a plastic bag. And it so happened that their meager possessions consisted of a pipe bomb.

Obama will reportedly nominate Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court. All we can say to common Americans is, sorry.

The appointment will be purely political as Kagan lacks any judicial experience. She clerked for Justice Marshall, who was only appointed because of his race, and so his clerks never prepared any significant decisions. Kagan is only 50 years old, and will infuse the Supreme Court with liberal pro-homosexual attitudes for decades to come. Her appointment is all the more obscene as she will replace the retiring Justice Stevens, a living legend.

The White House has slapped Netanyahu by publicizing his promise to avoid construction in the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood for at least two years.  Ramat Shlomo is not even East Jerusalem, but a Jewish district.

How many Jews is this kapo ready to evict from their homes to please his American puppeteers?

For about a year, we have not heard from Tzipi. Indeed, what can she say when her program is indistinguishable from those of Abbas, Obama, Meretz—or Bibi?

She decided to get back into politics by joining Huldai’s call to trash the haredim. According to Livni, haredi parties must be expelled from the government.

Would the lady be brave enough to urge the expulsion of Muslim parties from the Knesset?

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