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The government has granted Jerusalem development-zone status, which makes local factories eligible for subsidies. It defies common sense to call one’s capital a development zone.

The government is desperate to stop the flight of productive Jews from Jerusalem, which is turning the city into an haredi and Arab territory. Under the Arab demographic onslaught, Jerusalem’s Jewish population is declining steadily.

Netanyahu declared that subsidizing factories “strengthens the city and ensures its future.” Wrong. The new factories will employ Arabs, thus making Jerusalem still more attractive to them. And the last time we checked, strength was a matter of weapons, not subsidies. Economic incentives, especially misguided ones, cannot replace the necessity to expel the Arab residents of the Jewish capital.

For years, we’ve been saying that the Iron Dome defense is a scam: Israel cannot afford to intercept $100 Kassams with $150,000 interceptor missiles. Nevertheless, cash-hungry military enterprises and populist politicians pushed for the useless system.

Respected analyst Reuven Pedatzur from Tel Aviv University has now gone public with the same simple arguments.

Iranian military developments are coming at an incredibly rapid pace. In the last few months, Iran has introduced four new missiles, new speedboats, and other military equipment. This week, Iran added advanced Mesbah 1 air defence batteries, which are quite useful against cruise missiles and other low-flying targets. The Islamic Republic also conducted massive naval exercises in the Persian Gulf in order to demonstrate its capability to replace the US Navy on peacekeeping missions. The Iranian air force also engaged in pointed provocations against the US Navy.

Iranian armaments are not up to the highest standards, but Nazi weaponry was also far inferior to Russian. The Iranian economy is weak, but Germany’s economy was nothing compared to Russia’s.

The Iranian economy, primitive to begin with, has been crippled by decades of sanctions and inflation. Iran urgently needs basic industries such as LPG processing and refineries. Domestic discontent is high, largely due to the country’s economic troubles. Despite all of this, the ayatollahs develop weapons rather than consumer goods. Such a situation is untenable and economically unsupportable.

Iran can only prioritize weapons development if it means to transform itself into an empire very soon.

May 2010
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