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France and Germany have agreed to bail out Greece, which would otherwise default on billions of euros in bonds. Such a default might have triggered a wide-scale run on the overpriced euro.

So far, Greek debts remain small by the standards of developed economies, and easily manageable. Eventually, quasi-socialist European policies will lead to economic collapse.

Greece is a special place for Europeans, with many parallels to Israel. The modern Greek state was established by outside powers. These powers fought the Turks on behalf of the residents of Greece, who were declared the descendants of the ancient Greeks. The Greeks were allowed to expel their Muslim minority (‘Turks) and raze their mosques or convert them into churches. In Greece, church is not separated from state.

Iran’s FM told Western UN diplomats that his country won’t stop enriching uranium even if it agrees to a revamped offer to be allowed to exchange its uranium stocks for rods.

Bibi, the Jewish state’s kapo, remained unmoved.

Ron Huldai called the haredim “ignorant people growing at an alarming rate and draining our social and economic power.”

Jews growing at an alarming rates? Huldai must be an anti-Semite.

Before complaining about the haredim, who are the demographic backbone of Israel, Jews must first deal with Arabs who are three times more numerous than haredim and receive twenty times more subsidies.

In 2008, 41,283 Palestinians requested Israeli permits to enter the Seam Zone, a narrow strip at the separation wall which is a closed military zone. That means that roughly 50,000 Arab enemies live on or own essential property on the Israeli side of the purported border. As the wall is being completed, it will include tens of thousands more Arabs.

No practical border can be drawn between Israel and Palestine.

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