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Confirming our suspicions, Abbas said that the US has promised him that there will be “no provocations” by Jews during the indirect talks. That can only mean that the settlement freeze will continue.

And what for? The Palestinians refused an offer by Ehud Barak which included the Temple Mount, the Muslim and Christian quarters of the Old City, and the return of 100,000 refugees. They rebuffed again a similar offer by Ehud Olmert, which provided for somewhat fewer refugees. Is it so hard to understand that they want Tel Aviv?

The Jewish lobby goes into high gear every time calls for an Israel boycott surface in the UK or Canada.

The Palestinian Economy Minister (Jewish ostriches pretend that Palestine is not a state) threatened the Arabs who shop at Israeli supermarkets in the West Bank. Nonetheless, Israel continues to pay his salary through tax transfers.

As we expected, Gazans broke through the underground metal wall that Egypt has been building in Rafah to prevent them from digging tunnels.

The Palestinians reported that they managed to cut the wall. By making the announcement, they hope to get Egypt to stop constructing the wall.

While the world concentrates on Israel’s blockade of Gaza, similar Egyptian efforts go unnoticed.

A 16-year-old girl from Beersheba narrowly escaped three Bedouins who tried to rape her. Since they did not succeed, they will be sentenced to two or three years in jail only.

Arabs rape hundreds of Jewish women every year, with most cases going unreported. None of these Arabs are ever executed.

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