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The US joined other members of the UN Security Council to demand a nuclear-free Middle East. Since Israel is the only country in the region that possesses nuclear weapons, the UNSC effectively called for Israeli disarmament. Not Iran’s!

In tsarist Russia, police used to disarm Jewish self-defense teams before pogroms.

Now we can join Iran in calling for the nuclear disarmament of North America.

Yediot Aharonot unearthed data on Goldstone’s rulings while he was a judge in apartheid South Africa.

Goldstone apparently sentenced dozens of black criminals to death—which is fine, but he also wrote in a ruling that gallows are the only deterrent for murderers. That we can also agree with.

In his Gaza report, Goldstone objects to Jews killing even known Hamas members, the would-be killers.

Druze are traditionally considered the most loyal Arabs here because they submit to whatever power protects them from normative Muslims. There is a caveat: the Druze will only accept an outside power, which must not infringe on their land rights. Thus, Druze often clash with Israeli police over hunting prohibitions.

This time, the Druze of Usfiya attacked police who were protecting a contractor laying a gas pipeline near the village of Usfiya.

The Druze will only accept a government which protects their sovereignty. They are not loyal citizens of the Jewish nation-state.

demonstration by Neturei KartaHundreds of haredim clashed with police in Beit Shemesh over an attempted autopsy, which is generally forbidden in halacha.

Far from imposing its religious rules on society, a self-contained religious community wants to be left alone to effectively enjoy administrative autonomy. It is hard to envisage a moral or political rationale for the police to continually intrude into their internal matters.

Jerusalem marketWhile the government looks for anti-Jewish incitement in Palestine, Israeli Arabs engage in the very same incitement openly.

Throughout Israel, Arabs are joining Abbas’ call to boycott Jewish products from Judea and Samaria. Never mind that both Abbas’ government and Israeli Arabs thrive on Israeli subsidies.

As far as Israeli law is concerned, Jews live and work in Judea and Samaria legally. Arab calls for a boycott demonstrate either their racial (religious, nationalist) bias or anti-state attitudes.

On a positive note, this boycott attempt will fail just as the previous ones did because Israeli Arabs care about their pockets more than they care about the West Bank. In that sense, they are not dissimilar to Israeli Jews.

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