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Israel’s Security Cabinet is planning to set up an office to monitor Palestinian incitement against Jews. As if any monitoring is necessary; just open any Palestinian newspaper or textbook. Supposedly, incitement shows lack of commitment to peace on the part of the Palestinians.

How so? Egypt, which has been at peace with Israel for three decades, is full of anti-Jewish incitement, even in the government media. Ukraine, a rare ally of Israel, publishes mountains of anti-Semitic literature.

A normal country should not be concerned over what the neighbors think about it. Our only concern must be that the Arabs do not act against us. Herein lies the problem. Unwilling to confront Arab terrorism by proper military means, the Israeli government wants to grow a yet-unseen species of Arab—one which does not hate Jews.

In a related futile development, the government has appointed an Arab-speaking spokesman. As Rabbi Kahane used to say, we should talk to the Arabs—to tell them, No!

Abbas has promised to leave the indirect peace talks if Israel resumes construction in the West Bank.

Since the merry-go-round of peace talks is meant to last for years, the Israeli government apparently promised Obama that it would continue the settlement freeze beyond the ten-month deadline.

Responding to a petition by ultra-left Jews and normal Arabs, the High Court demanded that the government explain why it did not demolish houses in the unauthorized Amona outpost.

Sure, the judges know the answer: after the unprecedentedly brutal attack on settlers in Amona, government wants to bury the issue. Judges, however, put Arab interests above Jewish national reconciliation.

The same court remains unconcerned when the government ignores thousands of demolition orders against illegal Arab structures on Jewish land.

The Military Intelligence chief briefed the Knesset Defense Committee on Hezbollah’s rocket supply, something that the MKs should have known about on their own.

In the AMAN chief’s view, Scud-A and -C deliveries to Hezbollah are just a small part of its massive rearmament effort. So, why does Israel not act? Simply enough, because it is too late. Absent a dramatic provocation, a democratic government of Israel cannot sell its voters a war in which tens of thousands rockets will fall on their homes.

Israel lacks info on Hezbollah strongholds comparable to the extensive info which allowed for the miraculously successful war in Gaza, and cannot hope to destroy its arsenals in the opening minutes of a war.

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