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The US administration has revealed the size of America’s nuclear arsenal: 5,113 warheads. Impressive, until you realize that there is no one to press the button. A country with five thousand nuclear warheads is still unable to prevent North Korea from producing six A-bombs; who would fear its arsenal?

Israel, with her 120-200 untested nuclear bombs, suffers the same problem. As Rabbi Kahane used to say, the Jewish fist has to be attached to a Jewish head. With Bibi at the helm, the head is lacking.

Despite his efforts to reestablish diplomatic ties with Syria, Obama has extended the sanctions for another year.

If Syria, as he claims, continues to pose a security threat to the United States, why did he cede it Lebanon and engage Syria as the mediator with Iran on Yemen?

The alleged driver of the Times Square car bomb was caught leaving the United States.

The Pakistani made several errors. He did not erase the vehicle identification number from the engine. He used a traceable phone number to purchase the car. He did not escape the United States immediately after placing the bomb. And he attempted to leave through JFK airport rather than through the porous land or sea borders.

Oddly, the Taliban claimed the attack was a revenge for the assassination of Al Qaeda commanders in Iraq, though Pakistani Taliban could have cited plenty of local grievances, such as CIA drone raids against their strongholds.

The UN has opened a month-long conference on improving the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Israel, India, Pakistan, and North Korea are not members of the NPT. Iran, though a member, ignores its key provisions. The US is too weak politically to use its huge arsenals.

Not surprisingly, therefore, the discussion quickly deteriorated into a verbal duel, with Clinton hissing at Ahmadinejad and the latter accusing the Zionists of something.

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