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In his time, Meir Kahane was condemned for arguing that Israeli Arabs should have personal but not political rights. Well, Israeli Jews do not have even that much.

According to Israel Land Fund data, private Jewish land holdings in East Jerusalem and onward to Ramallah suffice for constructing 187,000 homes and apartments. In the course of peace talks, all this land will be confiscated and given to Arabs.

Courts and authorities routinely turn a blind eye to illegal Arab construction on private Jewish land. Jews once owned huge tracts of land on the East Bank, but abandoned them to Jordan.

Upon his return from Washington, Ehud Barak announced the the Israeli-US crisis is over. Since Obama did not give in on appeasing the mullahs, we can deduce that Israel has given up on attacking Iran.

In two days, Mitchell will begin shuttling between Jerusalem and Ramallah to conduct silly indirect talks. In Israel as in Northern Ireland…

Abbas demanded the Jordan Valley as a precondition for entering the ‘peace’ talks. Netanyahu certainly remembers that his predecessor Yitzhak Rabin was killed after he refused to abandon the Jordan Valley to the Arabs. Bibi will be more prudent.

The aging Israeli president told the Danish FM that North Korea is selling nuclear armaments to Iran. It could be that Peres has lost his mind, but perhaps not.

We reported sales of enriched uranium by North Korea to Iran and their nuclear cooperation. We suspected that Iran would attempt to procure ready nuclear bombs from North Korea.

What exactly does Peres know about North Korean sales of nuclear weapons?

May 2010
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