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Led by the mob of Arab states, the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty conference denounced the Israeli nuclear program. The resolution does not even mention Iranian nuclear activities.

A year ago, the Arabs would have been happy to aid Israel and the US in bombing Iranian nuclear facilities. Today, they side with the winner.

In preparation for his upcoming visit to the White House, Abbas reiterated that the PA negotiates with the United States rather than Israel. That raises a question: why does Israel subsidize the PA, which refuses to talk to us?

Abbas’ fellow terrorist Mashaal is also eager to join the peace talks. He called Israel, ‘an obstacle to peace.’ And he is right—dismantling Israel is the only way to achieve lasting peace between Jews and Arabs.

The Israeli government continues to play into the hands of ultra-left activists by preparing to intercept boats sailing from Cyprus to Gaza with Navy commando units.

These confrontations will look absurd: masked commandos taking over recreation boats full of half-dressed women and homosexuals. Millions of Youtube views and CNN coverage are guaranteed.

Israel had already agreed to transfer humanitarian cargo to Gaza. Nothing would change if we were just to ignore these clowns and let them sail into Gaza unimpeded. They care about publicity rather than about the ’suffering’ of the Arabs, and we should deny them the PR effect they desire.

For no good reason, the Israeli government decided to intercept the Cyprus-Gaza flotilla.

Despite clear intelligence indicating that the boats were controlled by a militant crowd, the government sent Navy commandos rather than anti-terrorist units. The Marines have only basic training in friend-or-foe recognition during anti-terrorist operations. The government’s choice of troops ensured indiscriminate deaths: 16 were killed, only two of whom had firearms.

The Israeli government put the Marines under stupid and dangerous orders to avoid shooting live ammunition. Only because of those criminal orders were the peaceniks able to snatch two shotguns from the Marines.

Only because of these criminal orders were the peaceniks able to attack the Marines with knives and pipes. Had the government not constrained the Marines from defending themselves, a few shots of live ammunition would have stopped the squabble immediately—and caused no casualties.

The government made this confrontation possible by refusing to let the Navy ram the boats on sight. That way—the standard way, tried successfully in earlier encounters with peaceniks—the passengers would have been forced to abandon their boats, and the Navy could have picked them up from the sea safely.

The Israeli government is guilty of unnecessary interception of the boats, provoking the activists to fight by the well-known prohibition of the use of live ammo, and—most importantly—of endangering Jewish lives by enforcing unrealistic rules of engagement. Consequently, two Jewish Marines were severely wounded, and the government failed the halachic test of unresolved murder, “We did everything in our power to ensure that he wouldn’t be killed.”

Many countries commonly kill illegal migrants at their borders, many more kill those who support their enemies. But Israel is assured of a wave of condemnations over the 16 dead Hamas supporters. Even Egypt, which thankfully kills scores of African migrants at our border, condemned Israel, and so will many other countries.

The country which makes a national sport of suing its PM over petty overbilling charges should pause and look for the real criminals in her government.

Young Israeli Arabs at Haifa University rioted and hurled rocks and firebombs at police over the Gaza flotilla incident.

The loyal Arabs, whose education is heavily subsidized by silly Jews, seemed unconcerned with the fact that hundreds of Hamas supporters on the boat attacked their fellow Israeli citizens, who were merely trying to forcibly send their non-existent cargo back for a security check at Ashdod port.

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