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Immediately after the crash of the Polish president’s plane, we suspected assassination.

Enough data has emerged since then to prove our suspicions. The plane allegedly fell from 6-8 meters, but its parts were spread over vast territory. Three quarters of the bodies were recognizable only by DNA tests, though crashes usually leave bodies relatively intact. That’s an explosion, not a crash landing.

Four shots are clearly heard on the black box recorders. The Russian claim that the guards’ firearms went off is nonsense: the shooting took place before the crash.

The Polish plane was equipped with TAWS-A avionics, which would have warned the pilot 500 feet from the surface. There is no way a TAWS-equipped plane can hit a forest by mistake. TAWS-A configuration would also warn pilots of a significant deviation from the runway, making it impossible for them to miss the glideslope by so much.

There is no doubt that the Poles were murdered.

As Likud polls open throughout the country, Netanyahu is calling on its members to vote against the internal elections.

The change to Likud’s charter, which is opposed by Moshe Feiglin’s supporters, would delay internal elections, possibly bringing the liar Netanyahu down.

Bibi knows that his chances of winning Likud elections are slim after he gave in to Obama’s demands on East Jerusalem and allowed Iran to go nuclear.

* The defeat relates to the fact that Netanyahu knows he would lose primaries in his own party, and therefore tries to postpone them.

Four US clients in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, and Jordan, have announced their plans for “peaceful” nukes. Their plans cannot be credible: unlike Iran, the sheikhdoms lack engineers to operate the facilities. It takes someone more educated than the Bedouins to run nuclear programs.

The sheikhdoms wouldn’t risk a squabble with Iran on their own, which means they were encouraged by the US. Obama’s reasoning is straightforward: tell Iran that it would gain no comparative advantage by producing the bomb.

Hussein the president is wrong on two counts. First, ayatollahs deal in apocalypse rather than realpolitik; they would welcome a Middle East riddled with nuclear weapons. Second, they are much smarter than the Harvard graduate, and know that the Arabs won’t be able to develop the bomb.

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