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Jerusalem mayor Barkat declared that the US calls for a construction freeze in East Jerusalem are “a slap in the face.”

Is this the same Barkat who quietly halted all municipal planning for Jewish construction in East Jerusalem two months ago?

Public Security Minister Aharonovitch called on the government to improve its policies for dealing with illegal African immigration. Never mind that he must be doing just that instead of heaping declarations on the government.

According to the minister, some 400 blacks enter Israel illegally every week. That would amount to 20,000 a year, or some 100,000 black illegals altogether. Previously, the government had estimated that criminal, HIV-ridden mass to number about 40,000.

If Jews grant them citizenship, the Africans will start bringing hordes of their relatives here in family reunion schemes, and their numbers will quickly explode into millions.

Haunted by a scandal in which one of its own correspondents spied on Israeli national security, Haaretz has found a way to strike back.

The newspaper revealed that in the last year, the Knesset’s web site mistakenly published detailed minutes of deliberations on top-secret systems for the Defense Ministry. The web pages were soon removed, but they remained in the caches of search engines, available to potential spies. The Defense Ministry asked Israeli journalists to keep quiet about this matter so as not to attract enemy spies.

Haaretz defied the request and disclosed the sensitive leak.

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