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After their previous president, an American puppet, was defeated in elections with a mind-boggling 3% approval rating, Ukrainians elected a Russian puppet. Immediately, he renounced Ukraine’s plans to join NATO and leased the Black Sea naval base to Russia for another 25 years, even though the Russian fleet long ago fell into disrepair. Since the new totalitarian president will assuredly rig the next elections, Ukraine has returned into the Russian orbit for at least the next ten years. By re-acquiring Ukraine, Russia has reestablished itself as a European superpower.

Left with a choice of energy dependence either on Russia or Iran, Western Europe chose both. Eastern Europe was bought off by Russian oligarchs and state companies even before that.

Iran received Obama’s approval to appropriate Lebanon, where pro-Western corruptioneer Hariri was told to accept Hezbollah’s veto power in his government, as we predicted before the elections.

Obama has abandoned his attempts to woo Syria away from Iran. Instead, he has accepted Syria as his official moderator in talks with Iran. Syria’s position with Obama greatly improved after it brokered Iran’s abandonment of Houti insurgents in Yemen. We’ve yet to find out what Obama offered the ayatollahs in return.

Obama downgraded his ambition from destroying Iran’s nuclear program to merely containing it. Saudi Arabia and Egypt were forced to bring their own nuclear programs into the open to counter Iran’s growing influence. For political reasons, Israel cannot bomb the Egyptian and Saudi nuclear facilities, and soon every sheikh will be sitting on his own nuclear bombs. Some will be curious enough to press the red button.

The winner of the Iraqi elections could not form a government without paying a vassal visit to Iran. Only Iran’s blessing, rather than America’s, allowed him to form the coalition.

North Korea defies sanctions and sells nuclear technologies. Forced to support US actions against Muslims in Afghanistan, the Pakistani regime is crumbling, and the Taliban have captured a town wherein some of Pakistan’s disassembled nukes have been stored. In Afghanistan, Karzai is trying to change sides and support the Taliban and Ahmadinejad.

In 1986, no one expected that one man, Gorbachev, could bring down the Soviet empire during his term in the office. We may see the same thing happen with Obama.

April 2010
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