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After a completely futile meeting last week, Mitchell will again meet Netanyahu on Sunday. Never mind the humiliation: Obama walked out of a meeting with Bibi, but he must meet Obama’s lowly rep on demand.

The repeat visit means that Netanyahu passed through Mitchell some alternative offers to Hussein and Mahmoud. The offers must have been importantóDan Shapiro, Obama’s shadow rep behind Mitchell, extended his stay in Israel for a week.

So far, Israel has been unable to satisfy Obama’s demands, which echo the most radical demands of Syria and the PLO. Obama insists that Israel abandon Jerusalem (including the Temple Mount and most settlements), cut her territory in half by allowing a Palestinian corridor from Gaza to the West Bank, and allow many refugees back into Israel.

But Abbas has already refused both renewed negotiations with Israel and Netanyahu’s cunning offer of a Palestinian state within temporary bordersówhich, of course, would have become permanent.

The only question remaining is, why do we send tax transfers to a government which refuses even to conduct peace negotiations with us?

Shortly before the Washington conference on nuclear issues, the deputy chief of Iran’s Atomic Commission announced that his country will join the nuclear club within one month. That was the first official declaration of Iran’s military nuclear program.

Iran overtly warned the US that some “elements” would detonate nuclear devices in American cities if Iran is attacked. That was the first official declaration of Iran’s intention to pass nuclear bombs to terrorists.

The Obama administration engages corrupt businessmen among Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, and has therefore abandoned the push for harsh sanctions against Iran, which would harm primarily the Guards. On a political level, Obama negotiates spheres of influence with the ayatollahs, much in the spirit of the Munich agreement with the Nazis.

Obama has pointedly refused to push for regime change in Iran. Instead, he pushes for a change of government in Israel. When Iran goes nuclear, Netanyahu’s government will fall, and the complacent Kadima-Avodah coalition will agree to Obama’s peace plan,which entails dismembering Israel.

Iran has enriched uranium to 20% by kilograms. It has also procured enriched uranium from North Korea and received enriched North Korean uranium from Syria.

A heavy water plant near Arak is practically ready, five years ahead of schedule.

Government analysts have finally come to the same conclusions that we have been trumpeting for two years: Iranians are going to reprocess spent rods from the Bushehr reactor into plutonium. The Russians have completed all critical tests on the Bushehr reactor, which will be ready to go hot in early July.

Unless Netanyahu makes good on his electoral promise to bomb Iran within the next two weeks, the entire Middle East will be up in arms. In nuclear arms.

April 2010
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