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In an interview with TV Channel 2, Netanyahu declared that the fate of Jerusalem’s Arab districts is to be the subject of final status negotiations. In plain English, they will be given away—but not now, please.

With this statement, Likud’s political platform has become identical to those of Kadima, Labor, and even Meretz—or for that matter, the PLO.

Shas’ Ovadia Yosef also expressed his support for giving up East Jerusalem—as always, in order to save Jewish lives. The immensely learned rabbi will have to answer why it would not be better just to liquidate Israel completely and move the entire population to Australia, which is a much safer place for Jews than the Land of Israel.

Lieberman implicitly supported the giveaway of Jerusalem by attacking the government on less important issues of his party’s coalition agreement.

Since the UNSC resolution of March 1980 which condemned Israeli construction in Jerusalem, the US consistently opposes our presence in the holy city. All other countries have also withdrawn their embassies from Jerusalem. The Israeli government never tried to establish its sovereignty over Jerusalem’s Arab districts, which have fluctuated between effective autonomy and PA rule.

So it comes as no news that Israel has given up on her capital.

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