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Two rockets fired from Jordan narrowly missed Israeli territory.

Certainly, the attack was carried out by local Muslim extremists rather than the government, but what would be the US response to Mexican gangs firing rockets across the border?

Netanyahu rejected Obama’s demand for a construction freeze in East Jerusalemówhich is, in essence, limited to a few apartments in Sheikh Jarrah.

Instead, the PM offered Abbas a dozen other concessions, including the release of small-time Palestinian terrorists from Israeli jails and the removal of still more roadblocks. The trade-off clearly goes against Israeli interests and only serves Netanyahu’s PR needs.

Despite his sickening rhetoric about “unshakable ties” with Israel, Obama pressures us to stop building a couple of houses in East Jerusalem while ignoring massive construction there by Arabs.

A BBC poll showed that the US is the only country where more people support Israel than oppose her, by a margin of 40% to 31%.

But this positive outlook is mistaken. Negative views are stronger and more actionable than nice views. Radical changes in public policy are always effected by a negligible percentage of the population. In terms of political activity, the third of Americans who dislike Israel outweigh the larger supportive group.

As usual, Israel did very well in Russia: 29% pro versus 30% contra. Despite their anti-Semitic traditions, a lot of Russians respect Israel for her strength and anti-Islamic stance.

In Egypt, which has been at peace with Israel for 31 years, 97% of the population hate us.

The court has rejected petitions to overturn the settlement construction moratorium.

According to the court, the secretive, quasi-governmental Security Cabinet is authorized to ban Israeli citizens from building their own housesódespite overwhelming disapproval in the Knesset and full government.

The court added that the construction freeze is a political decision beyond its authority. Then why does the same court routinely hear leftist petitions that challenge government-issued building permits in the settlements?

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