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Police detained a 14-year-old haredi boy for burning an Israeli flag near Kikar Shabbat in Jerusalem. Haredim decry Israel as an apostate entity removed from Jewish values.

Any Arab or ultra-leftist can burn Israel’s flag with impunity.

Defense Secretary Gates declared that Iran’s nuclear program won’t catch the US off guard.

Indeed, everyone in Obama’s administration knows of the Iranians’ plans.

Israel’s security establishment is pressing Fayyad to end the PA’s financial and administrative involvement in “anti-fence” protests in Niilin and Biliin.

Since Israeli tax transfers are the PA’s major source of revenue, Israel indirectly finances Palestinian riots against IDF. Instead of stopping the transfers, Israel pleads with the PLO.

Six Arab teenagers were arrested for damaging tombstones at Merhavia cemetery in Afula. Tomb desecration is routine there and at other Jewish cemeteries near Arab areas. In many cases, the Arabs not only break tombstones but open the graves.

The Arabs will be sentenced to six months in jail at most, after which they will come out as heroes and continue their trade.

Rabbinical leaders, who cared so much about the far-fetched desecration of a cemetery by Barzilai Hospital construction, are keeping their silence in the face of Arab vandalism.

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