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As Israel braces for Independence Day celebrations, the Arabs of Tel Aviv’s Jaffo Ajami neighborhood have defaced a local synagogue with swastikas and PLO flags. The two symbols indeed go hand in hand.

The affair did not receive much media attention because it is attributable to kids.

Arab kids make up 34% of Israeli youth.

Despite protests from human rights groups, Hamas executed two Israeli spies. Hamas has no problem with international outcry despite being fully dependent on foreign aid.

Israel, on the other hand, put her own soldiers on trial to placate foreign human rights organizations.

Confirming our analysis, Hezbollah announced that it indeed received SCUD missiles from Syria, but old ones, which cannot be SCUD-D’s.

According to an AJC poll, 55% of American Jews support Obama’s Israel policy and 47% support his policy on Iran, though only 5% think it might work.

In truth, American Jews are not anti-Israeli, they just do not know or care. The same poll shows 62% support for an Israeli attack on Iran, which is the opposite of Obama’s policy.

It would be wrong to let foreign Jews vote in Israeli elections, as Netanyahu and Lieberman want.

The Defense Minister’s job used to be fighting our enemies. Well, no more. Ehud Barak spoke of the “brave decisions” Jews will have to make in order to keep the peace. Our bravery consists in the magnitude of land concessions to our defeated Arab enemies.

Seven decades ago, the world was urging Czechoslovakia to make brave decisions in order to preserve peace in Europe. The Czechs, they said, must give part of their land to Germany, never mind the historical and strategic importance of that land. Today it is Israel’s turn to placate the aggressor—and peace is similarly elusive.

April 2010
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