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Developer David Appel was convicted of bribing Benny Regev, a former mayor of Lod. Regev had represented the Labor Party, but abandoned it and was elected as an independent.

Appel—o, horror—financed Regev’s election campaign, and Regev, naturally enough, supported Appel’s projects. In issuing building permits and rezoning land for Appel’s properties, Regev violated no rules.

Probably a majority of mayors in Israel and the US have special relationships with the developers who often fund their election campaigns. To hope otherwise is unrealistic, and singling out Regev and Appel for prosecution is outright political persecution.

In an interview with the Jerusalem Post, the most right-wing among mainstream politicians Moshe Yaalon, a minister of non-existent Strategic Affairs, declared that Jewish settlers should be able to remain in the Palestinian state once it is created.

Why? If one is willing to live in a foreign state, then Canada is a better place than Palestine. Yaalon cannot be so stupid as to fail to realize that Arabs will quickly drive the settlers out by sabotaging their roads and making a hell of border crossing for their trips to Israel. The settlers would have to travel to Israel daily for work, education, and health care.

Yaalon has adopted a leftist position, as we predicted two years ago. Unable to evict hundreds of thousands of settlers, the Israeli establishment might allow them to stay, if they wish—and be evicted by Arabs.

A suicide bomber killed 10 and wounded dozens in an emergency room in Quetta, Pakistan.

IDF killed yet another Palestinian guerrilla who had attempted to plant a bomb at Gaza’s border. Israeli media shamefully call him a terrorist, though he was a brave fighter who even while dying hurled a grenade at Israeli soldiers.

Constant clashes near the fence occur because Israel refuses to create a wide no-pass border zone with landmines and barbed wire, like the border we have with Syria. The government is concerned with how the Western media would view the minefields.

The Israeli Communications Ministry has announced a ban on Apple’s new iPad tablet devices, allegedly because they are made to US standards, rather than the European standards which Israel has adopted. The only practical difference is that US Wi-Fi standards mandate lower power, which might make reception a bit worse. There are no negative externalities: other consumers cannot be hurt by iPad users.

The ministry has a habit of banning hi-tech communication devices to justify its own existence and beef up the self-esteem of its personnel.

Immediately, customs officials began confiscating iPads from unsuspecting tourists at Ben Gurion airport. Theoretically, the affected visitors can get their devices back, but most would not arrive at the airport early enough before their departure to make it through the seven rounds of hell of Israeli customs.

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