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The six permanent UNSC members implicitly debated Israel’s existence by discussing a new round of sanctions on Iran.

The Russians and Chinese called the talks “very constructive,” which means that the US accepted their demand for diplomatic efforts rather than sanctions. The elusive diplomatic solution never solved any conflict, but who cares?

To underscore its commitment to Iran, Russia announced that the Bushehr reactor will be completed this August. Apparently the US has accepted the Russian view that the reactor is peaceful. Oh sure, the Iranians need nuclear energy at six times the cost of natural gas power generation.

After Russian companies stopped supplying Iran with gasoline, Chinese suppliers stepped in just as we expected.

Meanwhile, the three ex-commandos who lead Israel’s government are afraid to attack Iran over Hussein Obama’s objections.

IDF trains its soldiers to confront “settler violence,” a catchphrase used in reference to peaceful demonstrations by Jews whom the government had induced to settle in Judea and Samaria and whom it now wants to uproot.

The only reason for the government to expect protests would be that it is preparing to accept the White House demand to extend the ten-month West Bank construction moratorium and expand it into Jerusalem.

The British Advertising Standards Agency has banned images of the Western Wall from being used in Israeli tourist ads. The Wall, they say, is an occupied territory, and not a part of Israel.

For the first time, a Western government has revealed the true extent of the capitulation being demanded of Israel. Retreating to the 1948 borders would mean relinquishing all of Jerusalem, not just the Arab villages around it. And the Arab demographic explosion inside Israel has effectively changed the 1948 border into the 1947 one, within which Jews have settled three narrowly interconnected enclaves amid a sea of Arabs.

When Muslims have jurisdiction over the Temple Mount, Jews won’t be able to pray at the Western Wall below anyway, because of the hail of stones.

Jews quietly swallowed the earlier pill when the agency banned us from advertising Qumran caves; Palestinian national heritage, indeed.

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