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Uri Lupolyanski, ex-mayor of Jerusalem and a basically decent person, was arrested in connection with the Holyland case on charges of bribery. Lupolyanski’s detention contrasts sharply with the mere house arrest of leftist traitor Anat Kam.

Lupolyanski solicited donations to Yad Sarah, a reputable charity, and a religious school in return for facilitating construction permits. As long as we do not expect Israeli politicians to be saints, it is hard to see anything criminally wrong in Lupolyanski’s actions.

Iran defied planned Western sanctions by enriching 11lbs of uranium to 20%. The same technology used for this purpose will allow the ayatollahs to enrich the uranium to weapons-grade.

Iran claims the enriched uranium is needed for its medical reactor, but no effort has been made to shape the uranium into rods.

Netanyahu and Barak are full of tough rhetoric, but they do nothing.

The petty kingdom of Jordan handed the Israeli ambassador a rude note expressing the Bedouins’ dissatisfaction with new residence rules for the West Bank Palestinians.

Never mind that Jordan ruled the same territory with an iron fist: it banned all universities and most media, banned all political activity, killed scores of PLO members, and recently revoked the Jordanian citizenship of tens of thousands of Palestinians.

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