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The Israeli Military Administration of Judea and Samaria has adopted streamlined rules for expelling Arabs who do not have Israeli permits. Though conservatives might hope the new rules will be used to evict the tens of thousands of foreign Arabs who entered the West Bank illegally because of the better living standards in Jewish-controlled territories, in practice the rules will target Gazans who moved to the West Bank. Fatah and its constituency of relatively affluent West Bankers detest their impoverished and criminalized Gazan brethren, who destabilize West Bank society.

As usual on the eve of Israeli Holocaust Remembrance Day, swastikas appeared in Jewish towns. This time they were drawn in the village of Givan Avni in Galilee.

Looking for culprits? Arabs or Slavs, take your pick.

Human Rights Watch has issued a report that accuses both Israel and Hamas of failing to investigate the alleged war crimes according to Goldstone’s recommendations. No doubt, HRW is right on this: IDF resorted to a huge coverup, while Hamas simply ignored the UN’s demands.

A bigger issue surfaces here: if the legitimate elected governments of both countries are satisfied with their mode of military operations, what’s the international community’s business? The war produced no external casualties: only the subjects of those two governments were harmed. If those subjects are dissatisfied with the 2009 war measures, they can elect a new government, which would conduct proper investigations. But there is no basis for international involvement.

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