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The more the Russians disclose about the Moscow terrorist attacks, the more suspicious their story becomes.

According to new information, the female suicide bomber was accompanied by a male. The Russians allegedly saw it on street cameras. One is left to wonder why they did not see the man initially, since they identified the bomber also on their cameras. Singling out a face in a crowd, recorded with primitive equipment, is all but impossible, anyway.

The alleged bomber, a religious Islamic girl who lived with her parents, is now claimed to have been married not once, but twice, the first time to an Al Qaeda representative.

And now it has become clear why she was singled out: her family is active in Mothers of Dagestan, an antiwar movement highly critical of indiscriminate Russian military operations, and therefore hated by the establishment.

Taking his long-standing quarrel with the Chief of Staff public, the Defense Minister issued a press release denying the customary one-year extension for Gabi Ashkenazi after his four-year term expires. Never mind that Ashkenazi did not even ask for the extension.

Replacing the Chief of Staff would have been unthinkable if Barak were contemplating an attack on Iran anytime soon.

The Polish president, a rare European leader friendly to Israel (because there are no Jews in his country), died in a plane crash with much of his country’s leadership.

The crash is a happy accident for Putin: the Poles were flying to Smolensk, a town in West Russia, to commemorate the Russian massacre of Polish POWs. The absence of high-level Russian officials at the planned commemoration shows how controversial was the affair.

The Polish plane attempted to land in fog and missed the airport. Such a wide miss with 1,200 feet of visibility would be odd in itself, but there is more: eyewitnesses report that the plane descended to below 15 feet (tree level) a mile from the airport, which would not have been possible if the airport’s navigational equipment had been functioning correctly.

Shabak’s briefing on Anat Kam’s case reveals a crazy situation: the less-than-almighty security agency is so afraid of the leftist press that it actually negotiated the return of top-secret documents from Uri Blau, the reporter who received them from Kam. Shabak did not arrest Blau even though he had committed a clear-cut crime and endangered state security.

During negotiations, Blau agreed to give up some 50 documents. Shabak then allowed this ultra-leftist to travel abroad even though he probably possessed  copies of Israel’s top-secret military plans. Granted, Shabak and the army exaggerate the documents’ importance, but documents do not receive “top-secret” marks for nothing.

Now it is clear that Blau hid hundreds more documents—perhaps thousands more. He still has not been arrested.

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